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Our Mission

Why should you start your own cryptocurrency with Scaleswap?

  • We are sustainable.

    Launchpads of the first generation work mainly in hype markets and the so far used approaches did not prove in difficult market conditions. Scaleswap will support our selected ventures on a sustainable growth path, supported by our long-term ScaleSCORE principles and our loyal community.
  • We have the best technology.

    We learned it the hard way and we used the initially gained experience on our path to scale and harden our infrastructure in an institutional manner. Scaleswap has the most scalable infrastructure in the IDO world, which has provend itself, to hitting 2,000 transactions per second on the Polygon network as our layer 2 network.
  • We have the most loyal community.

    Our fair IDO principles where community members can earn guaranteed pool participations with their loyalty is unique and our 6-dimensional ScaleSCORE system also encourages everyone to acquire and hold also the token of your project.
  • We are transparent.

    From day one, we’ve created an atmosphere of trust and transparency. We don’t hide pool conditions, team members or any other details. Values are important to us and therefore we have an unbiased selection process to provide the most innovative projects of highest quality the best possible launch conditions.

Who is behind Scaleswap?

  • Scaleswap is led by experienced entrepreneurs at heart.

    We love startups, we love innovation and we love to see how solutions scale and drive global adoption. Our whole team and advisory board is highly dedicated and hungry for success. We grew to a family that really takes care of it’s projects which are getting a part of the family circle.
  • Scaleswap is not a platform, it’s an ecosystem.

    We developed great relationships with a broad but selected and trusted circle of globally recognized partners and backers. Projects that launch on Scaleswap can benefit from introductions to market-leading organizations and service providers at specialunique conditions, obtaining discounts, perks and bonuses from our network of partners.
  • ScaleSCORE is the heart of our ecosystem, SCA is the blood that it pumps.

    Our proprietary ScaleSCORE algorithms and sophisticated 6-dimensional loyalty system is an essential built-in solution that remunerates loyal behavior towards Scaleswap and our token as well as loyal behavior towards our projects and their tokens. It leads to a market-independence that haswas never been seen before seen in the world of IDO’s and gives our projects long-term backing and support on their journey. Know more
  • Scaleswap stands for and lives values.

    Transparency, trust, fairness and sustainability is in our DNA. We believe that it is an honor to accelerate the launch of the most innovative projects in the blockchain sphere. And these projects deserve a reliable partner that does not only think of short-term gains or who let lobbies decide on their future. We stand for real collaboration and long-term success.


How can you apply for an IDO tokensale on Scaleswap?

  • 1.

    Fill in the application form
    (please do your best to give
    complete and clear
  • 2.

    Once we receive your submission
    our analysts team starts the
    due-diligence process
    (read more below).
  • 3.

    Within a week after your submission
    you should expect the email from us with information about further
    details we may need.

How does the selection process look like?

  • After successfully reviewing your application and additional information, our analysts team will contact you to suggest a video call with your founding team. On the call we will go through the details about your startup and Q&A.
  • We will discuss your current stage and traction, the role of token and token metrics, your business model and go-to-market strategy, core team’s expertise and other questions related to your startup.
  • After the initial evaluation we will share the first feedback about your project and suggest the next steps.
    • If we think that you’re a good fit for Scaleswap, we’ll proceed with final due-diligence steps, contractual details and preparation for the IDO launch.
    • If we consider that there is not fit, we’ll share the reasons why (we understand how frustrating it is to get rejected without understanding the reason, therefore we’ll do our best to keep you informed!).
  • During the due-diligence process we will also share your project information with the Scaleswap Investment Committee: a closed circle of experienced and recognized VC’s and partners that have deep knowledge and expertise in the blockchain and crypto sector. Their opinions will be considered in the final decision.
  • Once your project is selected for an IDO, we will have a kick off call with you to align on the preparation steps, the detailed planning and concrete activities. Our team will provide valuable support in pre-IDO, IDO and post-IDO activities to ensure that your startup will have higher chances to succeed on the market!

Crowdsale IDO Conditions

Our IDO conditions are transparent and clear
3% flat fee from the overall IDO amount, paid in advance in SCA tokens.
That’s it, no hidden fees, grey schemes and extra commissions!