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EYWA is a cross-chain interoperability protocol that makes it possible for the blockchain networks to communicate with each other like if they are in one network Learn More!


Date To be Announced!

UKISS empowers users with the self-sovereign security of their digital identity, crypto assets, personal, etc. Learn More!

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GT Protocol

Date To be Announced!

GT-Protocol is an innovative DeFi platform that combines decentralized social trading and DeFi investment pools management. Learn More!


Date To be Announced!

Asia's Largest blockchain based NFT marketplace to discover and buy exclusive digital collectibles. Learn more!

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Redkite NFT

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RedkiteNFT is a revolutionary fine art NFT platform. Transcending artists from physical to dynamic digital experiences. Learn more!


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Capscoin is a Metaverse of NFT games where you collect NFT caps, earn tokens, and level up your caps by competing with other players

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Ore Network
ORE Network
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Scaleswap provides early access to investment opportunities previously reserved for only a select few. Get your hands on the most exclusive tokens before anyone else, and help to build the future of blockchain-based ventures in the process.

How to get Started with Scaleswap
How to Get Started
with Scaleswap
ScaleALPHA: Empowering the Crypto IDO Community (including 5 Steps on How to Get Involved)
Scalescore Revolution Fairness for the IDO Sphere
The ScaleSCORE Revolution Fairness for the IDO Sphere

Launch your IDO crowdsale
on Scaleswap!

We provide innovative teams with the ability to raise funds and awareness through a more sustainable growth path,
supported by our long-term ScaleSCORE principles and loyal community.

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Here at Scaleswap, we love startups and we’re highly dedicated to doing everything necessary to make your IDO a huge success! No matter where you are in the pre-IDO process, our experienced team is uniquely equipped to assist in your optimization and growth through a range of additional customized services.
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Strengthening the go-to-market strategy of high potential advanced-stage crypto startups. We provide a range of exclusive services and advisory in all key success areas to ensure that you are on the fast-track to achieving your goals leading up to the IDO phase and beyond.

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Empowering early-stage crypto startups to speed growth and avoid common pitfalls through a more comprehensive range of tailor-made services that span the entire process - from strategic analysis to business development, token economics, marketing strategy, fundraising support, and more.

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Scaleswap is the first market player to implement the technology of NFT wrapping in the new special product Multi-chain wNFT pre-IDO Launchpad. Learn more!

Ore Network Testimonial Huge "thank you" to every one in Scaleswap, we just really appreciate all the hard work that were in to the launch ORE Token, the amazing technology, the mapping on the token to polygon puting in Quickswap. You've just been an amazing partners and comunity really love the AMA and the interviews. Hopefully we'll be back for more, and staying closely connected for years to come as we keep building up the PRE Blockchain Mark Blinder
Mark Blinder
ORE Network Team
Cirus Testimonial We had a fantastic experience working with Scaleswap for our IDO. Their knowledgeable and extremely responsive team was always on-hand to help navigate the inevitable challenges that arise on the road toward any token launch. The team was quite flexible, and supportive of our requests. Even though we were running a non-standard dual-IDO, there was no hesitation from Scaleswap to coordinate with their counterparties to ensure a smooth launch. It was an honor to be selected as their flagship IDO project, kicking off their powerful platform! David Brown
David Brown
Cirus Team
Torum Testimonial For token launch, any project would have wanted a reliable and professional IDO partner, and that's Scaleswap. The Scaleswap team has provided solid and practical advice that paves the way to a successful launch. From marketing, tokenomics to technical assistances, the team has got it all covered. It's been nothing, but a pleasure to work with the Scaleswap team! Jayson Tay
Jayson Tan
Torum Co-Founder & CMO
Envelop Testimonial My name is Alex from ENVELOP and we launched a very successful IDO on Scaleswap. I should mention that we sold out in the public pool within seconds, which gave us great momentum. I would like to thank the entire Scaleswap team who helped tremendously with KOLs, community, and technical related aspects. They provided fair conditions of work and valuable feedback on our efforts Alexander Shedogubov
Envelop CEO
Polygon Testimonial The Polygon family has been rapidly growing and Scaleswap’s IDO platform is just what we need to take our ecosystem to the next level. The Scaleswap team is composed of industry veterans and we are excited to partner with them and bring their solution to the Ethereum L2 space Arjun Krishan Kalsy
Krishan Kalsy
Polygon VP Growth
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