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    Boss Fighters

    Boss Fighters is a multiplayer action game where a VR player controls a powerful Boss, fighting a team of PC players in funhouse battles.

    logo BF ScaleAlpha Pool
    • BF ScaleAlpha Pool
    • 20/09/2022 · 2pm CET
    • Launch on
    • icon smartchain
    • TYPE
    • STATUS
    • Token Price
    • Round
    • IDO
    • ACTIVE
    • $0.005
    • Public 1
    logo BF NFT Pass
    • BF NFT Pass
    • 20/09/2022 · 12pm UTC
    • Launch on
    • icon smartchain
    • Status
    • Round
    • Token Price
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    • ACTIVE
    • Private 1
    • $0.005
    • 5% TGE, 10 months linear vesting after




    UNIQUE GAME Literally the world's 1st VR/PC action competitive game with digital assets! Embark to online multiplayer, or play with friends on the couch in party mode. A unique game that has never been seen in WB3.0 and NFT space before

    MOVE-TO-EARN in VR Physics-based VR player’s gameplay, the sense of scale and power while controlling the giant Boss implies active movement! In BOSS FIGHTERS - VR Players are handsomely rewarded for playing as the Boss!

    WATCH-TO-EARN There is no show without spectators! BOSS FIGHTERS is designed for player-viewer interactions. Streaming is rewarded - the more spectators - the better rewards for players! Spectators also get rewards for supporting players and can even interact with the battle arena through Twitch API.

    FEE-TO-PLAY-TO-OWN The game is free-to-play. However, players can monetize their success by minting rewards as NFTs to trade them on the marketplace, use tokens to access advanced game modes, and compete for large token prize pools in tournaments

    CREATORS SUPPORT BOSS FIGHTERS supports user-generated content. Get rewarded for streaming, or making mods, skins, maps, and other in-game digital assets to trade on the marketplace.


    Asymmetric Multiplayer Tap into the web2 players' community and VR enthusiast market!

    Destructible & Interactive Unleash creative violence in wacky boss fights

    Progression & Ownership Free-to-play economy with asset ownership

    Team Play & E-Sports Community and Sponsored Tournaments

    Easy Access Steam, EGS, Mobile platforms, and Meta Quest support!

    Token Metrics

    Seed Round Price: $0.003 | ROUND OPEN

    Strategic Round Price: $0.004 | 4m Valuation

    Private Round #1 Price: $0.005 | 5m Valuation

    Private Round #2 Price: $0.00625 | 6.25m Valuation

    IDO Round Price: $0.0075 | 7.5m Valuation

    Token Utility

    Token Utility

    Q3 2022

    • NFT Staking & Royalties sharing
    • Boss Fighters Closed Alpha on STEAM
    • Boss Fighters Invitational Tournament
    • Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset Drops!

    Q4 2022

    • Closed Beta, in-game marketplace

    Q1 2023

    • EGS Release, SideQuest Release
    • More NFT drops
    The Team and Advisory
    Pixward Games The game development studio founded by a professional team of VR and game developers with more than 8+ years of a proven record of success in delivering top-quality VR applications, AAA, and indie games. Winner of Epic Grant for VR development.



    10 Years in game development, 5+ years in VR enterprise development



    Art Director

    Gameloft 4+ years working on top studio projects



    Game Designer

    massive AAA titles like STALKER and METRO series in the portfolio.



    VR Game Designer

    Winner of 5 VR/AR hackathons, over 10 projects shipped including games for the Vive / Rift / WMR.



    Game Design & Economy Advisor

    Products Director at Gameloft.

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