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ScaleALPHA preIDO Pool

EYWA is a cross-chain interoperability protocol that makes it possible for the blockchain networks to communicate with each other like if they are in one network.


EYWA is a middle layer for all blockchains, that solves interoperability issue and opens limitless opportunities for operations between different chains: cross-chain dApps development, asset management, etc.

EYWA’s fully decentralized cross-chain data bridges enable the creation of smart contracts management system in different chains.

Key metrics

  • FDMC$200,000,000
  • Total EYWA Supply1,000,000,000
  • Trading VolumeTBA

Token price

  • Pre-Seed$0,02
  • Strategic$0,03
  • Round 1$0,05
  • Round 2$0,06
  • Public$0,2
  • More InfoLearn More
The Team

Boris Povar

Chief Executive Officer, founder


Alexander Denisov

Chief Technical Officer


Alexander I

Chief Strategic Officer, founder


Sergey Zinenko

Chief Financial Officer, founder


Sabirov Aidar

IR manager


Denis Glotov

Head of Tech


Bogdan Sivochkin

Blockchain Lead


Dmitriy Christianov

Golang Developer


Vadim Gukasov

Solidity Developer, Teamlead


Dmitriy Gogolev

Solidity Developer


Robert Sayahov

Frontend Developer


Alexey Nagorniy

Frontend Developer, Teamlead


Stanislav Kardash

Frontend Developer


Dmitriy Gromadsky

Chief Product Designer


Roman Fedoskin

Chief Product Officer


Dinar Saliakhov

QA Engineer


Leo Kangin

Business Developer


Nik Krasnoperov

Chief Marketing Officer


Piluk Kirill

Solidity Developer


Instant and easy creation of cross-chain pools: Create your own cross-chain liquidity pools using EYWA DEX (Uniswap v2 and Curve pools).

Cross-chain bridges: Automatically move project tokens and other liquidity (stablecoins, BTC, ETH, and more) between blockchains.

Easy creation of cross-chain decentralized applications: Link smart contracts hosted on different blockchains; integrate or create new cross-chains applications.

Cross-chain calls: The ability to send arbitrary commands to existing smart contracts on other blockchains, creating endless possibilities for new ideas.

Work without trust: EYWA Oracle Network is an infinity scalable decentralized oracle network.

EYWA can create cross-chain assets that you can easily convert into the assets you want in the blockchain of your choice. Imagine a generic stablecoin that can be easily converted to USDC on a separate blockchain.

EYWA 'e'-tokens (e.g. eUSD, eBTC, eETH) are synthetic assets backed by the most trusted original assets placed on different blockchains.


2021 · Q1 - Q2

  • Creation of the DigiU.lab blockchain lab and the start of research.
  • EthGlobal Marketmake, a prize from Chainlink - proof of concept.
  • Chainlink Spring 2021 - MVP: Cross-chain AMM DEX (Ethereum Rinkeby Binance Smart Chain test networks)
  • Building the team, product development.
  • Pre-Seed Round closed.

2021 · Q3 - Q4

  • EYWA DEX alpha testing: Ethereum Rinkeby, BSC, Polygon, HECO, Avalanche, Solana, cross-chain pools and exchanges.
  • Gasless transactions in all chains.
  • Building of a sustainable community with an audience over 140k users.
  • Grants approved: Harmony One, NEAR, Algorand.
  • Strategic funding round.

2022 · Q1 - Q2

  • Aurora and Boba Network grants Launch of testnet EYWA Oracle Network received.
  • EYWA DEX alpha testing: Metis, CoinEx, Solana cross-chain pools and swaps.
  • Building of a sustainable community with an audience over 300k users.
  • Alpha testing stage completed.Creating unique NFT collection: 53k NFT for alpha testers.
  • Airdrop for alpha testers community for development and fixing loyalty of a stable audience.
  • Public sale for validators KOLs round.
  • TGE and IDO on 5 launchpads.

2022 · Q3 - Q4

  • Launch of testnet EYWA Oracle Network.
  • Public sale for testers.
  • Launch of mainnet: infinitly scalable EYWA Oracle Network with 300+ nodes. EYWA Cross-chain DEX for stablecoins EUSD - EYWA cross-chain stablecoin EYWA DAO.
  • Airdrop EYWA tokens and EYWA NFTs for alpha testers.
  • First EYWA cross-chain hackaton.
near harmony algorand aurora vespertine johntiner brcapital rsquad unreal digiu angelsdeck coinex gotbit gsr innmind metis polycapital salad solchicks avalanche
brcapital ventures polycapital unreal vespertine criterion xtream

NEAR is a dApps development platform built on a sharded, layer-one proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain.

The $40,000 grant will be used to connect the bridge among Near and other blockchains with further transfer of data and assets between them. We will also use deployment and interaction tools for smart contracts developed by the Near blockchain.


Algorand is an open blockchain platform designed to create a decentralized economy without restrictions.

The $90,000 grant will enable the integration of the Algorand network into the overall blockchain communication link. Users will request a two-way smart contract call to and from the Algorand blockchain.


Aurora is an Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) that allows you to execute Ethereum contracts in a more productive environment, the NEAR blockchain.

The $50,000 grant aims to create new bridges by enabling Aurora to interact with other blockchains seamlessly.


Harmony is a public, high throughput, secure blockchain for decentralized applications.

The $50,000 grant will use the bridge among Harmony One and other ecosystems. Connecting Harmony will enable fast and easy cross-chain asset transfers among supported networks.