Haunted Space INO on Scaleswap — A Complete “How-To” Guide

Date: September 13, 2022 Category: Scaleswap upcoming ino

Welcome to the Haunted Space INO “How-To” guide and thank you for your interest in participating in the INO on Scaleswap!

General Information 

INO of GENESIS NFTs from Haunted Space will be conducted on Scaleswap on September 15th at 12pm UTC. Only whitelisted participants who have also successfully completed KYC are permitted to take part. Please be aware of scams, fake websites, and impersonators! Please find the details of the sale below: 

  • Haunted Space INO is ONLY hosted on: https://app.scaleswap.io
  • Network: BSC
  • Buying token: USDT (also you will need a small amount of BNB for transaction fees in order to participate)
  • There will be USDT/HS_Proxy swap pair during the INO and every holder of HS_Proxy, will be able to mint GENESIS NFT for free from the Haunted Space claiming page after the pool is closed. 1 GENESIS NFT per 1 HS_Proxy.
  • Total number of GENESIS NFTs to be sold on Scaleswap – 100
  • The price of each GENESIS NFT – 115 USDT

The INO will be conducted in 2 batches on September 15th – on https://app.scaleswap.io:

  • 1st Batch (Guaranteed) will start at 12pm UTC: from people that filled out the whitelist form, first 50 according to their Scalescore will be given a chance to participate in this batch. 1st batch will have guaranteed 30min to buy max 2 NFTs per wallet.
  • 2nd Batch (FCFS) will start at 12.30 pm UTC: all whitelisted wallets from the 1st and the 2nd batches will have 30min to buy maximum 2 NFTs per each wallet, but not more than what is left in the pool. Meaning, if all NFTs are sold in the first batch, the 2nd batch will not happen

Kindly notice, that every participant will get the invite in his mailbox with the batch  number relevant to him before the INO.

Question or Issue about something that isn’t covered here?

We kindly invite you to join our Telegram channel, where there is always someone to assist you!

About Haunted Space

The Haunted Space is a made-in-Italy project  developed by an AAA game development and production company which includes a team of more than 30 people including artists, designers and developers. 

The project, born 4 years ago, is a premium  video game which combines exploration and combat mechanics, through the Unreal Engine graphics engine for a breathtaking photorealistic graphic experience. It will be released on the leading marketplaces: Steam (PC), Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and S. 


  • Winners of Forbes Best NFT Emerging Project of 2022
  • Winners of Epic Mega Grant from Epic Games
  • Second Place in the Huobi Hackathon by Nextype
  • Incubated by Seedify

Benefits of holding the GENESIS PASS NFT by Haunted Space

The GENESIS PASS NFT collection will provide many benefits to holders, including:


  • In-game earnings multipliers
  • Airdrop of in-game tokens to Diamond hands
  • Airdrop of the Avatar NFT collection
  • GENESIS PASS holders will have FREE access to the single-player Haunted Space game.
  • Airdrops, whitelist spots, and discounts for the future collections.
  • Participation slots in the Private Governance early token sales 
  • In-game random material drops
  • Access to the Singleplayer and Multiplayer closed beta (Play & Earn)
  • Private chat with the founders and fresh news about Haunted Space in advance.

Learn more from the Medium’s article.

Meanwhile, don’t miss the chance to check the team of Haunted Space at the Scaleswap’s AMA session.

Feel free to learn more about the Haunted Space – HERE.

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