ScaleALPHA pre-IDO pool for Boss Fighters on Scaleswap — A Complete “How-To” Guide.

Date: September 16, 2022 Category: Scaleswap preIDO pool Scalealpha bossfighters

Welcome to the How-To Guide for the Boss Fighters pre-IDO pool! Thank you for your interest in participating in it on Scaleswap. We’re happy that you’ve decided to join a game-changing pool for pre-IDO rounds of Web3 projects called ScaleALPHA. Below, you will find all the necessary information to understand what the process will look like and how to make the most of this opportunity. You are welcome to leave us your feedback about the whole process in our Telegram chat and we would gladly consider your thoughts on how to improve it in the future.

Steps to follow

Step 1: Be informed

There are numerous ways you can get notified about upcoming events on Scaleswap such as pre-IDO, IDO, INO, etc. Here they are:

Step 2: Due diligence

After you receive information about an upcoming sale on Scaleswap, the best first step is to learn more about the project on our site. There you will find a dedicated page for every project that we have in our pipeline. Let’s learn more about Boss Fighters

Step 3: Claim ScaleALPHA NFT

There are two ways to get guaranteed allocation in ScaleALPHA pool

1. Build your ScaleScore.

With the first approach, you should start from learning more about ScaleScore and how to build it fast and efficiently. These articles should help you with that:

2. Claim ScaleALPHA NFTpass

The second approach is for those who don’t have so much time to build a decent ScaleScore and get guaranteed allocation in the sale . For this you have to  claim an NFTpass

To claim NFTpass you should visit  ScaleALPHA NFTs claiming page. There you will find two types of ScaleALPHA NFTs:

  • Boss Fighters Community Pass – for Boss Fighters community members who were recognised by their team. They were whitelisted by the Boss Fighters team and they have the ability to mint NFTpass for free. After they have minted the NFT – another important step is to do KYC through gleam.
  • Exclusive NFT Pass –  could be bought for 3,000  SCA tokens, which will be burned by the Scaleswap team in order to benefit all SCA holders. It works as a ticket to the ScaleALPHA pool. After the NFTpass is minted – another important step is to do KYC through gleam.

The ScaleALPHA NFT claiming will start on the 16th of September and will be open until all NFTs are claimed or 20th of September  – here.

Once the NFT is in your wallet – congratulations! You have the right to participate at Boss Fighters ScaleALPHA pool on the 20th of September at 12pm UTC.

Step 4: KYC

Note: if you have done KYC on Scaleswap before, you have just to confirm it in gleam.

KYC is mandatory to participate in any sale at Scaleswap. Whatever approach you choose to participate in, you should do KYC through gleam anyway. Otherwise you will not be able to participate! After it’s done, wait for the updates from our official email – [email protected]

Step 5: Sale

The token sale will be conducted in two batches. To participate in any of them at Boss Fighters ScaleALPHA pool, please connect the wallet that holds your ScaleScore or NFTpass on time when the batch is started. You should prepare USDT(BEP-20) that you’re going to exchange for Boss Fighters tokens. Please note that you will get a proxy token during the ScaleALPHA pool. This token will be exchanged 1*1 to the Boss Fighters token on TGE. 

Here are the conditions of each batch:

  • In the first batch (guaranteed allocation), TOP ScaleScore holders who applied to the gleam and NFTpass holders will have 30min with the ability to buy max guaranteed allocation with no rush. They should join the pool at 12pm UTC and connect their wallets to participate.
  • The second batch will be organized on a FCFS basis 30min after the start of the first batch – on the 20th of September at 12.30 p.m. UTC. The maximum allocation per person in the second batch will be announced soon. 

Important notes

  • The Boss Fighters ScaleALPHA pool will be conducted on BSC.
  • Buying token: USDT (also you will need a small amount of BNB for transaction fees in order to participate).
  • The Boss Fighters ScaleALPHA pool will be conducted on .
  • The list of wallets whitelisted to both batches will be published shortly before the sale.
  • Maximum allocations for both batches will be announced soon.
  • Minimum allocation 50 usdt.
  • SCA token has the contract address on Polygon 0x11a819Beb0AA3327E39f52F90d65Cc9bCA499F33 , can be bought at

Kindly notice, that every participant will get the invite in his mailbox with the batch number relevant to him before the IDO.

Question or Issue about something that isn’t covered here?

We kindly invite you to join our Telegram channel, where there is always someone to assist you!

About Boss Fighters

BOSS FIGHTERS is a multiplayer action game where a VR player controls a powerful Boss, fighting a team of PC players in funhouse battles.

Enter the arena as Boss or Fighter, to become a futuristic superstar gladiator, to battle for valuable loot, ranks, and crowd amusement!

Trailer –



Literally the world’s 1st VR/PC action competitive game with digital assets!

Embark to online multiplayer, or play with friends on the couch in party mode. A unique game that has never been seen in WB3.0 and NFT space before.

MOVE-TO-EARN in VR. Physics-based VR player’s gameplay, the sense of scale and power while controlling the giant Boss implies active movement! In BOSS FIGHTERS – VR Players are handsomely rewarded for playing as the Boss!


There is no show without spectators! BOSS FIGHTERS is designed for player-viewer interactions. Streaming is rewarded – the more spectators – the better rewards for players! Spectators also get rewards for supporting players and can even interact with the battle arena through Twitch API.


The game is free-to-play. However, players can monetize their success by minting rewards as NFTs to trade them on the marketplace, use tokens to access advanced game modes, and compete for large token prize pools in tournaments


BOSS FIGHTERS supports user-generated content. Get rewarded for streaming, or making mods, skins, maps, and other in-game digital assets to trade on the marketplace.


  • Asymmetric Multiplayer Tap into the web2 players’ community and VR enthusiast market!
  • Destructible & Interactive Unleash creative violence in wacky boss fights
  • Progression & Ownership Free-to-play economy with asset ownership
  • Team Play & E-Sports Community and Sponsored Tournaments
  • Easy Access Steam, EGS, Mobile platforms, and Meta Quest support!

Partners and Backers

Myria, Infinity Pad, Master Ventures, Metavest Capital, Final Frontier, Launchpool, Alphabit Fund, Enjinstarter, Shugo Ventures, Fractal and many more!

Team and Advisors

Pixward Games – The game development studio founded by a professional team of VR and game developers with more than 8+ years of a proven record of success in delivering top-quality VR applications, AAA, and indie games. Winner of Epic Grant for VR development.

  • CEO, VADIM – 10 Years in game development, 5+ years in VR enterprise development. 
  • Art Director, KAMILA – Gameloft 4+ years working on top studio projects. 
  • Game Designer, KIRILL – massive AAA titles like STALKER and METRO series in the portfolio.
  • VR Game Designer, ANDREW – Winner of 5 VR/AR hackathons, over 10 projects shipped including games for the Vive / Rift / WMR.
  • Game Design & Economy Advisor, IGOR ANTONOV – Products Director at Gameloft.

Token Utility

  • DEFLATIONARY Buyback and burn tokens using FIAT and token income
  • GATED CONTENT Stake to unlock game modes and tournaments
  • MARKETPLACE Mint assets as NFTs, trade on marketplace
  • WATCH-TO-EARN Twitch API, rewards for content creators and viewers

Token Metrics 

  • Seed Round Price $0.003 |  3m Valuation
  • Strategic Round Price $0.004 | 4m Valuation
  • Private Round #1 Price $0.005 | 5m Valuation
  • Private Round #2 Price $0.00625 | 6.25m Valuation
  • IDO Round Price $0.0075 | 7.5m Valuation
  • Initial Market Cap $176,250
  • FDV $7,500,000
  • Expected IDO date Q4 2022

Snippets from Roadmap

Q3 2022

  • NFT Staking & Royalties sharing
  • Boss Fighters Closed Alpha on STEAM
  • Boss Fighters Invitational Tournament
  • Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset Drops! 

Q4 2022

  • Closed Beta, in-game marketplace

Q1 2023

  • EGS Release, SideQuest Release
  • More NFT drops


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