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Date: April 6, 2022 Category: Scaleswap platform features preview

Building in a new and highly competitive DeFi sector, we’re often asked: What sets Scaleswap apart from other IDO Launchpads? In this article, we’ll take a deeper look into the vision, features and key differentiators of our platform.

What is Scaleswap?

Scaleswap is the next generation IDO launchpad, harnessing the power of Ethereum Layer 2 scaling (powered by Polygon) to provide innovative features and a vastly improved IDO experience for users. We aim to set the new standard in DeFi by making excessive gas fees a thing of the past, and reimagining community appreciation and governance through a comprehensive scoring system that rewards loyalty and participation in 6 different dimensions.

What Sets us Apart from Other Launchpads?

The IDO launchpad space is indeed a competitive one. We’ve been diligent in establishing the prerequisites, substance, experience and talent necessary to not only stand out amongst the newcomers, but to also challenge our established competitors for a significant portion of market share.

1. A Sincere Community-Focused Approach

The quality of a launchpad’s community is the single most precious resource for a project during launch preparation. Scaleswap aims to revolutionize the community building process through an unmatched level of transparency, fairness, and community appreciation. Projects launching on Scaleswap can expect long-term support from the most passionate and dedicated community and retail investors in the DeFi space.

The current IDO launchpad system can’t be fixed overnight, but we are fully committed to bringing about the necessary change one step at a time. Our main promise to our community is that we will change the way things are done, especially in regards to future projects that will launch on our platform, how our community can earn participation in pools, how their continuous loyalty is rewarded with our ScaleSCORE, and how we are focused on long-term success and sustainability.

2. ScaleSCORE

One of our major differentiators is that we shift from pure lotteries and valuing only the amount of tokens that are held to a multi-dimensional loyalty scoring system where you can earn guaranteed participation in pools over time. In contrast to our competitors, holding our token is only one of six dimensions that are used to measure loyalty and participation. And not all criteria is SCA token related. The system was designed to ensure that the most committed supporters of our mission are always rewarded (rather than simply favoring those with the biggest budgets).

ScaleSCORE will be the core element of our platform and the deciding factor for unlocking all of the wonderful benefits in our ecosystem — private pool participation, advanced platform features (ie. autopilot participation feature), determining voting power in our DAO, being considered in weighted airdrops from our partners, and more.

The exact ScaleSCORE metrics will be released prior to launch so that our early community members have the opportunity to plan and prepare. Rest assured, your power on our platform will always be in your own hands.

To learn more about the SCA token utility and benefits see this article.

3. Transparency

Thus far, the token launchpad space hasn’t exactly been revered for its transparency. Scaleswap aims to change that in a major way by setting new standards in fairness, transparency and a fully community-governed launchpad (in a DAO that is legally backed by a foundation).

4. Technology Differentiators

Our platform makes use of the most advanced technical solutions, while simultaneously providing a state-of-the-art user experience that eliminates many of the common barriers to entry that DeFi users face. There will be no more getting priced out of network usage by the larger players. Scaleswap provides everyone with truly open access to an affordable, user-friendly, and fair IDO experience to support the successful launch of innovative blockchain-based projects.

5. Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling

The era of L2 scaling solutions has arrived, and Scaleswap is positioned at the forefront. We’re not merely pivoting to layer 2 as a reaction. We’ve been designing, innovating, and building there since day 1.

Scaleswap is powered by Polygon’s Ethereum layer 2 solution, fully customized with unique features for our use case, to deliver IDO participants with lower fees, instant execution of transactions, and a drastically improved DeFi experience. Polygon, backed by Coinbase and Binance, is the leading Layer 2 Aggregator for Ethereum and is providing Scaleswap with full technical and marketing support.

We also stay very active in researching and following the development progress on additional cutting-edge scaling solutions and further protocols for possible future integrations.

6. State-of-the-art UX

Scaleswap provides a seamless pool participation experience. Users will enjoy the benefits of interacting on Layer 2, with the ease and simplification of a layer 1 transaction.

7. Security

Our team is steadfast in the approach to develop a bulletproof, well audited and battle-tested platform before launching. Our Tech team is led by Scaleswap co-founder Stanislav Stolberg, who has an extensive background in information security, and places the strongest possible emphasis in that area. We use a security by design development approach and utilize several high-level external consultants who permanently review the code and the infrastructure.

Hacken, a premiere cybersecurity company and leader in the blockchain security sector, has already completed a code review and security analysis of Scaleswap’s Smart Contracts. Hacken assigned our smart contracts with the highest possible rating of “well-secured”, having uncovered zero critical issues. You can view their full findings here.

Our cooperation with Hacken will continue as we add additional layers of protection for our users through upcoming penetration testing and additional code reviews.

Our code and infrastructure is also being audited by a second renowned smart contract security company (details TBA).

8. Cross Chain Integration

We’ve positioned ourselves with our go-to-market product as an Ethereum Layer 2 Platform, but we will indeed integrate vital multi-chain/ bridge opportunities in the future, thus enabling users to participate across multiple blockchain ecosystems. Potential candidates currently include Solana, Avalanche, BSC, Polkadot, and CasperLabs.

9. Strong Infrastructure for Deal Flow

We’ve been diligent in assembling an elite backing of strategic partners to ensure a strong network (for Scaleswap as well as our launch partners), CEX listings, influencers, and most importantly, deal flow. In order to disrupt the current system and establish a more fair and sustainable approach, it was imperative to onboard the best fitting partners (VCs, advisors, etc.) to ensure that Scaleswap has the appropriate network and resources to build the community-governed launchpad that the DeFi community truly deserves.

Fortunately, our fundraising rounds were heavily oversubscribed in a matter of hours after opening, with incoming requests from more than 50 VC’s. This enabled us to carefully select the best fitting partners who could provide the strongest networks and highest value-adds to ensure consistent deal flow of the highest quality projects.

10. Additional Features in Future Versions

  • Autopilot pool participation feature
  • Further swap, drop and liquidity services that we can’t reveal yet
  • Handover to our ScaleDAO (built as well on the most advanced DAO framework provider on Layer 2 — MetisDAO)

There’s Still Plenty More to Come

This is only the beginning of our mission. We are already working on version 2 in a parallel work stream. Our goal is not only to be the go-to IDO launchpad which stands for projects of highest quality, but to transform the fundraising scheme and go-to-market strategy step by step to a more sustainable and transparent approach (and less volatile and market-dependent).

We look forward to sharing more details soon!

If you are inspired by the potential of an IDO launchpad that serves and empowers everyone, everywhere, come join us.

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