Metaverse Games Set to Explode in 2022

Date: April 6, 2022 Category: Scaleswap games metaverse


The metaverse is the newest part of the blockchain ecosystem and has generated a lot of discussion about what it is, how it works, and if the hype is worth the experience. The entity of the metaverse isn’t just one project but an intertwined relationship of many things, ranging from social activity, to recreational games, showrooms, and even board meetings. But one major aspect that’s bound to be at the forefront is metaverse gaming.

Metaverse games are becoming very popular and with good reason; the gaming industry is massive, being valued at $173 billion in 2020 and no reason to stop with the metaverse generating steam. There are some very popular games today that are under the definition of metaverse gaming such as Fortnite and the building block game of Roblox. There are more games set to take the stage in 2022.

With all the games upcoming, here are six new games that are set to explode for this coming year.


Also one of the most unique games on this list, Metarun is an endless runner game that is designed to be fully involved into the metaverse. Metarun is a platform game that is also Play to Earn (P2E) and Play to Win (P2W). In addition, NFTs are used as real in-game assets that affect the entirety of the game for everyone. Users can race, compete, and earn rewards for their participation. Metaverse will also have a cross-chain marketplace to buy, sell, and otherwise trade NFTs that are used within the game.

The uniqueness of the game and the ability to do so much makes Metarun a good contender to one of the most anticipated games for 2022.


Mixing together the benefits of VR technology and NFTs, Revomon is a game that allows you to collect unique monsters within the metaverse. These “Revo Monsters” have unique traits like Fire in addition to stats for Health, Attack and Defense, and other benefits that help showcase their strengths and abilities. Monsters can be used by users to compete against other people within the metaverse and provide a very comprehensive experience within the Revomon community.

Genesis Worlds

Another unique game on this list is Genesis Worlds, a 3D game on the metaverse that lets you explore new worlds and mine them as part of the social gaming experience. The metaverse is ever expanding and with Genesis Worlds, users can explore this metaverse and farm land, stake, and earn rewards for their explorations. Not only can users farm and mine the worlds they discover, they can also build directly on them and gain credits.

Each world has its own unique experience and benefits as well. A world can have multiple claims on it based on the amount of land available to purchase. Mining on these worlds give GAME credits and each world has a set of APR for the amount of credits that can be received.


Metaverse games as a whole could not be complete without mentioned role-playing games (RPGs) and Illuvium a game worth watching. Combining the elements of a RPG game, auto-battling system, and NFTs, Illuvium is an immersive metaverse game that is set to bring exploration and competition on the blockchain. Running on the ETH network, Illuvium is an open-world system where users can mine and harvest in addition to capturing Illuvials. In the game, Illuvials are elements that the in-game planets release into the wild that give different mutations to the beasts in the game. These can be harvested and combined to make symbiotic relationships with their hosts, which can be used in battle.

Players can do various things in the game such as customize their characters, beasts, and make in-game purchases. Users can travel and adventure around the world of Illuvium, where they can mine in-game and stake outside the game. Battle Arenas are also set up to compete against one another.

Many of the game’s elements and functionality can be found in the Illuvium documentation.

Titan Hunters

When you think of metaverse games, you typically think of VR or a game that requires heavy resources and thus needs the use of desktop, but this is far from the “reality” of metaverse gaming and Titan Hunters is here to prove that. Being a mobile game with the power of NFTs, Titan Hunters is a Diablo-inspired mega multi-online role playing game (MMORPG) that incorporates Voxel-style graphics. Titan Hunters is completely free to play in addition to added benefits like investing to earn by staking and by participating in the marketplace to buy and sell items.

Titan Hunters has three main types of gameplay:

  • Adventure Mode: this allows players to have a fully open-world and immersive experience, which gives users the ability to hunt for items and other surprises.
  • Co-op: this gives the chance for players to play and fight together. Players can create and build teams, take advantage of skills and abilities, and search for Titans within the game. Rewards are a higher priority in this mode and players can gain titles like MVP within the game mode.
  • Hunter Rank: players can hunt down and defeat bosses within the game, giving them the ability to upgrade their status. Increasing rank allows players to find rare items and fight stronger bosses.


A turn-based strategy game inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic, Ertha is an NFT focused metaverse game that is primarily designed around exploiting and investigating new worlds. Players in the Ertha game can level up, specialize in different skills and abilities, and increase in strength and they explore the world around them. Ertha is built on the Binance Smart Chain (now called BNB Chain).

The game focuses a lot of its structure on NFTs in the form of acquiring land, which in the game are called HEX. The HEX virtual lands can be held to earn rewards in the form of Ertha Tokens. Along with the NFT purchasing inside the game, players can take on three main roles: business man, scholar, and fighter. Each of these roles have their own strengths and differences within the economy and help in the development of the word around them.

Metaverse Games Are Coming

With many factors at play, the metaverse is set up to become the next big thing. Users can create avatars, participate with friends, and use immersive technologies like VR in order to take advantage of the metaverse. As popular and entertaining as gaming is, it should be expected that metaverse games will take a large share of opportunity for this new thing in the years to come.

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