ScaleALPHA: Empowering the Crypto IDO Community (including 5 Steps on How to Get Involved)

Date: June 3, 2022 Category: Scaleswap ScaleALPHA header image with lights and astronaut.

Scaleswap’s IDO Launchpad has released new game-changing automated pools for seed and private cryptocurrency token selling rounds of new and exciting Web3 projects.

ScaleALPHA, an early-access pre-IDO investment pool service, is the first product of this kind on the market, allowing retail backers to participate in a pipeline of startup token selling rounds under favourable conditions previously available only for VC funds and crypto whales.

Thanks to these types of innovative services, Scaleswap is known as the world’s first truly fair IDO Launchpad, providing early access to cryptocurrency dealflow opportunities for all community members who are empowered through its innovative loyalty-based scoring system, known as ScaleSCORE.

Why is ScaleALPHA so special?

IDO Launchpads allow the crypto community to participate in early funding rounds where, in return for supporting the project, they can purchase tokens for a lower price before to they have listed on the public market.

However, IDO rounds available to the public still have a higher token valuation than earlier investment rounds, usually available for only VCs and big cryptocurrency whales. Sometimes, the price of tokens in these seed rounds can be 3 to 5 or more times cheaper than the public IDO price.

ScaleALPHA aims to eliminate this unfair gap and enable crypto enthusiasts to back the best projects at accessible allocations on the same conditions as big VC funds.

The benefits for cryptocurrency startups include this new additional form of fundraising and creation of a passionate and loyal community that supports the project’s long-term potential and goals.

ScaleALPHA’s flagship launch

ScaleALPHA launched in June 2022 with its first pre-IDO opportunity, EYWA Protocol, a middle layer for all blockchains that solves interoperability issues and opens limitless opportunities for operations between different chains including cross-chain dApps development, asset management and more.

Building and incentivizing a community earlier in the go-to-market process is a crucial component for a successful launch. This is especially important in times when the market conditions are not optimal. With ScaleALPHA, we can unite and empower both project and community at an earlier point in the pre-launch process, while making sure through our ScaleSCORE loyalty system that only fair community members can participate on this offering

Stan Stolberg, CTO of Scaleswap
Benefits for ScaleALPHA cryptocurrency pre-IDO token selling pool.

Sounds great. So, how does it work?

The ScaleALPHA NFT – essentially a key to access the EYWA token selling round – will begin its claiming process on Monday 06 June 2022 at 16:00 (GMT+00) and will be open until all NFTs are claimed or until Friday 10 June 2022 at 16:00 (GMT+00).

After the EWYA ScaleALPHA pool launch, the whitelisted NFT holders can join the pool and their claim desired allocation.

For Scaleswapppers:

As a reward and appreciation of the loyalty and support of our community, SCA token holders who have a ScaleSCORE of more than 2700 by June 6th 2022 have the chance to claim their ScaleALPHA NFTs for FREE directly from the link below. You must connect your Polygon network-enabled Metamask wallet in order to claim the NFT access pass. Applications will be verified by Scaleswap. There is limited availability so make sure to claim yours as soon as possible if you are eligible.

For people yet to join Scaleswap or people with a ScaleSCORE of below 2700:

To enter the ScaleALPHA pool you need to own at least one NFT from the collection. All those who do not have a high enough ScaleSCORE or have not yet joined the Scaleswap community must purchase their NFT passes in order to participate. For this primary ScaleALPHA flagship launch with EYWA, the cost is just 10,000 SCA** tokens. This special edition NFT (designed by @DavidMarkina) is solely used as an entry pass to ScaleALPHA. Only a limited number of NFTs are available. You must connect your Polygon network-enabled Metamask wallet in order to purchase the NFT access pass.


The startups raising funds via the ScaleALPHA pool may offer a select number of NFTs to their own loyal community. If this applies to you, first you must connect your Polygon network-enabled Metamask wallet in order to claim your NFT access pass. Applications will be verified by Scaleswap. Limited availability.

Tell me how to get involved…

We’re happy that you’ve decided to join a game-changing investment pool for pre-IDO rounds of Web3 projects called ScaleALPHA. Below, you will find all the necessary information to understand what the process will look like and how to make the most of this new and exciting opportunity. You are welcome to leave us your feedback about the whole process in our Telegram chat and we would gladly consider your thoughts on how to improve it in the future.

A visual representation of the process stages of ScaleALPHA and EWYA token selling round.

Step 1: Keep Informed

There are numerous ways you can get notified about upcoming IDOs on Scaleswap:

Step 2: Due Diligence

After you receive information about an upcoming sale on Scaleswap, the best first step is to learn more about the project from our site. There you will find a dedicated page for every project that we have in our pipeline. Our flagship project for the ScaleALPHA pool is the EYWA protocol. You can read more about EYWA on Scaleswap’s site here.

Step 3: Claim or purchase ScaleALPHA NFT

Scaleswap NFT image of a bull with EYWA's logo.

The ScaleALPHA NFT claiming period will start on Monday 06 June 2022 at 16:00 (GMT+00) and will be open until all NFTs are claimed or until Friday 10 June 2022 at 16:00 (GMT+00).

Only wallets holding ScaleALPHA NFT will be able to participate in EYWA’s ScaleALPHA pool. So how do you claim an NFT?

Visit ScaleALPHA NFTs claiming page at the link below:

On this site, you will find three types of ScaleALPHA NFTs:

  1. Scaleswapper Pass: If your ScaleSCORE is more than 2700 by 6th Jun 2022, you are eligible to claim your NFT for FREE. You must keep in mind that there are more people with this score than there are claimable NFTs. This is designed to ensure the ratio of eligible Scaleswappers and the total number of reserved NFTs will be no more than 2:1. Applications will be verified and whitelisted for the sale rounds.
  1. EYWA Community Pass: This is solely for EYWA’s community members who have been specially recognised by their team. If you are part of EYWA’s community, you should follow their instructions of acquiring the NFT and they will let you know if you’ve been whitelisted. Join their community to learn more. Applications will be verified and whitelisted for the sale rounds.
  1. Exclusive NFT Pass: This can be purchased by any member for just 10,000 SCA** tokens. The tokens will be burned after your purchase by the Scaleswap team in order to benefit all SCA holders. The NFT works as a ticket to the ScaleALPHA pool. So, why purchase an NFT to participate in EYWA’s pool? The difference in token price at private and public sales (0.06 USD vs 0.2 USD) is certainly a compelling factor. We recognise that 10,000 SCA** is a relatively small cost compared to the fees associated with traditional VCs joining the private sale phase. SCA token has the contract address on Polygon – 0x11a819Beb0AA3327E39f52F90d65Cc9bCA499F33 and can be bought here.

Important to consider

  • There is a limited number of NFTs for each category.
  • These specific NFTs are only valid for EYWA’s ScaleALPHA pool and do not guarantee future participation in ScaleALPHA pools.
  • Scaleswappers and EYWA community members are not allowed to resell the NFTs on the secondary market. If you are found to do so, you may be banned from future ScaleALPHA pools.
  • ScaleALPHA participation will not affect your ScaleSCORE
  • During the KYC process, claimed or purchased NFTs must be on the same address they were initially claimed or purchased on.
  • ScaleALPHA NFTs are claimed on Polygon, but the token sale is on Harmony. You are not required to and must not move the NFT from the address and blockchain where the NFT was originally claimed or purchased.

Once the NFT is in your wallet – congratulations! You have the right to participate at EYWA’s ScaleALPHA initial pool on the 13th June. You will also be eligible to participate in EYWA’s second round sale with increased maximum allocations on the 14th June.

Step 4: KYC

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a mandatory process to participate in any sale at Scaleswap. The KYC for EWYA’s ScaleALPHA sale rounds will start on June 8th and will be open until June 12th. Please be sure to add your details through the link below. After your initial detail submission is complete, please wait for an email update from our official email, [email protected].

This process is to protect the integrity of the project.

If you do not complete this step, you may be denied access to the EWYA ScaleALPHA sale rounds.

Step 5: Sale

To participate in EYWA’s ScaleALPHA pool, please connect the wallet that holds your NFT on the 13th of June. You should prepare USDT (Harmony blockchain) to participate in the sale which you’re going to exchange for EYWA at 0.06 USD per token.

Only verified NFT holders can participate in each of the two sale rounds. Here are the conditions of each round:

  1. In the first round, NFT holders will have a minimum allocation of 100 USD per person, a maximum allocation of 500 USD per person and the pool will open on June 13th at 16:00 (GMT+00).
  2. The second round is organized on a FCFS (first-come first-served) basis on the 14th June at 16:00 (GMT+00). The maximum allocation per person in the second round will be 2,500 USD.

This means the maximum allocation each person can acquire through both rounds is a combined 3,000 USD. The token price (0.06 USD) will remain the same for both sale rounds.

Important notes

*Please note that you will get a proxy token during the ScaleALPHA pool. This token is exchanged 1*1 to the EYWA token on TGE.

**SCA token has the contract address on Polygon – 0x11a819Beb0AA3327E39f52F90d65Cc9bCA499F33, and users can purchase it here.

Useful Links

Website | Blog | Telegram | Twitter | Medium | LinkedIn | Torum | Discord

Email: [email protected]

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